TurboCharged webpage

The Turbine House at Blake’s Lock is a fascinating piece of Reading’s industrial history. It is also a beautiful space, enabling you to step out over the River Kennet to see the weir originally created by the monks of Reading Abbey, and it’s a great place to view the river’s wildlife. The space is available for exhibitions through Reading Museum. It’s a unique Reading arts venue.

TurboCharged is a project running in 2017 to help everyone appreciate a little more of Reading’s culture and heritage by making the Turbine House area better known, helping those running exhibitions and activities there and evaluating its usage.

Reading-based charity RG Spaces (registration number 1160023) is collaborating with Reading Museum and Bel and the Dragon to deliver a TurboCharged summer at Blake’s Lock.

If you are interested in holding an exhibition please contact elaine.blake@reading.gov.uk

Here’s a plan of the Turbine House interior

And click here to see what it’s like inside